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Princess Rani Vanouska T. Modely, original full name Her Highness (HH) Princess Rani Vanouska Rajamoutou Modely Prithviraja Tomara Chauhan de Ranthambhore Narayan Singh Devi, (known as Vanessa Modely),  is a model, philanthropist, entrepreneur and public figure engaged in the social, human rights and education sector. 

She started to be active in politics as Goodwill Ambassador, a Special Adviser to the National French Commission of UNESCO and Vice President of UNESCO Circle, under the umbrella of the  Ministry of foreign affairs of France.


She is the President of the Football World Heritage Organization, and the official ambassador delegate to lead the candidacy of Football as a world intangible heritage to be registered on UNESCO's list.

The most historic UNESCO candidacy that aims to federate the 185 member states, engaged in this nomination of Football on UNESCO’s World Heritage and she aspire to bring together : Royal families, Heads of State, UNESCO member states, world institutions, the great the icones of culture, sport, economics and politics, as well as UNESCO and the UN in an international dialogue, for a better world.

Her goal is to use the power of football “to change the world” and promotion of human rights, especially through sport worldwide.

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